031 - Starving Jesus

     Starving Jesus was an excellent book that takes a look at the practice of Christian fasting. It examines the issue from a modern perspective and looks at whether or not it accomplishes anything. Furthermore, the book does an excellent job challenging the church to get “off the pew” and do something. The book takes a look at how many Christians go to church on Sunday but don’t live any different the other days of the week. The book is well written and could be a great read for any Christian looking for some ideas for how to rejuvenate their spiritual life. The book also includes some insight into the lives of the authors and offers a bit of an autobiographical feel to it as well.

     This book wasn’t anything spectacular, but was still a decent read. If you enjoy biographies or need to jump start your Christian life then check this book out. It might be right up your alley.

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