103 - Beyond Talent

IJohn Maxwell presents his book, “Beyond Talent” in an great way. The language is clear and simple and the message is very basic. His primary message is that talents aren't enough, hard work is the key to success.  Hard work specifically geared toward developing your talents.  The 13 chapters aim to clarify 13 key factors in developing your talents.  His storytelling throughout the book makes the points manageable and easier to remember.  I would highly recommend buying 2 copies of this book one for yourself and one for someone you'd like to see succeed.

I'm supposed to let you know I received this book for free from Thomas Nelson in exchange for a fair an honest review.

102 - Unleashed

Are you tired of a civilized religion that has the goal of keeping you safe as you serve God? Have you found yourself turned off by the lack of risk and hopelessness you have found in the church? Erwin suggests that it is time for a different way, a barbarian way. We need to unleash our faith and truly live.
Here’s some of the cool things about this book:

He takes this theme of barbarian/unleashed living throughout the whole book. It is one idea developed in many different ways. Not many books can do that - but I found myself really interested throughout the whole time.

McManus is seriously funny and I found myself laugh out loud a few times while reading.
He is a great storyteller, and writes how he speaks (because he transcribes to someone).

This is my second time reading this book. I had a much easier time reading it through - but the first time since it was re-released as Unleashed. There are only 4 chapters - so sometimes it can feel like the chapters are really long. This was a little hard for me. But, it’s a small book and if you put in the effort - it is going to be a really challenging book. It challenged me to want to unleash my faith and live fully the adventure God had called me to.

101 - The Cause Within You

The Cause Within You, by Matthew Barnett, not only shares the story of how God used him to begin an extraordinary movement--Dream Centers--but it also shares with readers how they might find their own cause. In this compelling read, which concludes with Scripture and a discussion guide, Barnett gives readers an inspiring call to action, "you need to identify the cause within you now. Today."

Throughout the book, which contains many, many moving stories of not only Barnett's faith journey, but of others who have found their cause, Barnett gives readers solid, biblical wisdom about seeking God and distinguishing between their dreams and God's divine plan for their lives. "When you find that sweet spot that reflects your cause, it is at the intersection of your passion (what really matters to you), your gifts (what you do best), and your contribution (how you make the world better)."

In a world where the vast majority of people seem to be consumed by busy-ness and the pursuit of monetary happiness, this book opens the eyes to something bigger and better--to the joy and peace that pursuing God's plan for you can bring.

I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review.

100 - The Charlatan's Boy

I'm a huge fan of young adult fiction.  I love a good story.  Jonathan Rogers didn't let me down with his latest book "The Charlatan's Boy."  I found the book addictive.  I simply couldn't put it down.  The story was lighthearted and funny offering plenty of chances to laugh and enjoy myself.  The book was also written in a way that would make it an excellent read for both teens and adults.  The book was excellent and I'd recommend it to anyone seeking a good story.

The book was also a super quick read.  Not necessarily because it was short, but because it's one of the those books you just can't seem to tear yourself away from.

I'm supposed to let you know that I received my copy from Waterbrook Press in exchange for a fair and honest review.

099 - Johann Sebastian Bach

Many know the name Bach.  However, very few know about Bach's immense faith.  Bach believed that everything he wrote was written to give glory to God.  His biography does an excellent job of delving into the details of not only Bach's music, but also his faith.  It's inspiring to read about such an amazing Christian who also created incredible music.  This trait is very much loss on today's generation.  These days Christian music is just a cheap replacement for "secular" music.  Bach obviously created some amazing music, but also did it with his focus on God.  I would recommend this book to any Christian who is interested in music.  They would find inspiration to excel not just survive.

I received this book from Thomas Nelson in exchange for a fair and honest review.

098 - Galileo

Mitch Stokes' book Galileo was interesting.  The book offered a unique look into the life of Galileo.  Stokes walks the reader through Galileo's life and highlights his faith along the way.  I'm actually fairly unlearned in the area of Galileo's Christianity.  I didn't realize he had an active and genuine faith, which to be honest make me suspect Stokes' book.  How can this be the first book to talk about Galileo's faith?  Why has it not been mentioned in any other places?  Perhaps Stokes is looking for something that isn't there, similar to those who look at the history of America and see a bunch of Evangelicals instead of the Deists that they were.  Perhaps Christian optimism has jaded the way Stokes sees things.  I'd be interested to find a Galileo scholar who disagreed with Stokes and see their reasoning as well.

I received this book from Thomas Nelson in exchange for an honest review.