124 - Real Marriage

Mark Driscoll is one of my favorite authors.  He has a way of writing humorous yet powerful words.  Real Marriage is no exception.  The Driscolls challenge their reader to follow God's plan for marriage, Mark talks about loving his wife the way Christ loves the church, and Grace does an excellent job of discussing submission.  This book is simply a great book to recommend to anyone seeking to better their marriage.  Whether you're dating, or engaged, or been married 5 months or 50 years there are great insights here.  If you're looking for a good book on marriage, you found a great one.

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123 - Coming Back Stronger

Drew Brees is an incredible quarterback.  He's an incredible story too.  His life has the same shades of many professional athletes.  Overcoming difficulties, tragedies, and everything in-between.  Drew has lived a good life, and he's constantly leaned on God for strength.  His book about him leading the Saints to the Super Bowl after a terrible injury is inspiring, not only for the sports fan, but for the Christian.  This book would make an excellent gift for any football fan, any athlete, or anyone you know to be honest.  It is excellently written, and crafted in a way that connects with the reader's mind, their passion, and their heart. After reading this book, I can't imagine not cheering for Brees for the rest of his career.  He's an excellent role model, and someone I can point my kids to as a great example of what it means to follow Jesus.  Highly recommended.

122 - The 360 Degree Leader

The 360° Degree Leader is the first book I've read that talks to the one who is stuck "in the middle" or "at the bottom" so to speak. It gives direction to those with position of how to lead "down", but it also encourages those on the bottom on how to "lead up" and those in the middle to "lead down" and "lead across."

First of all, by purchasing The 360° Degree Leader, you are given the privilege of taking an online assessment regarding your own leadership skills, which will help you know which strategies you should work on the most.

Ever wished you were a leader, but felt you didn't have anyone to lead? Ever served under a poor leader and wondered if you should just quit?...or if you should go over their authority and "save the day"? This book is for you.

Ever felt that your character and leadership skills didn't matter because you weren't in an important place in the chain of command? Maxwell breathes life into those who serve in the middle, explaining how their influence is usually bigger than those at the top.

121 - Love, Sex, and Happily Ever After

Craig Groeschel does an excellent job of making a great case for a Christian marriage.  This book would make an excellent addition to any marriage counseling.  I've been married for a couple years, but still found this book great at opening up some discussions with my wife.  Craig is an excellent writer, and this book just adds to the great work he's already put together.  It's a perfect blend of story, guidance, and Bible.  Great for any relationship or individual who's either thinking about dating, been married for 50 years, or anywhere in between.  Great stuff, highly recommended.