122 - The 360 Degree Leader

The 360° Degree Leader is the first book I've read that talks to the one who is stuck "in the middle" or "at the bottom" so to speak. It gives direction to those with position of how to lead "down", but it also encourages those on the bottom on how to "lead up" and those in the middle to "lead down" and "lead across."

First of all, by purchasing The 360° Degree Leader, you are given the privilege of taking an online assessment regarding your own leadership skills, which will help you know which strategies you should work on the most.

Ever wished you were a leader, but felt you didn't have anyone to lead? Ever served under a poor leader and wondered if you should just quit?...or if you should go over their authority and "save the day"? This book is for you.

Ever felt that your character and leadership skills didn't matter because you weren't in an important place in the chain of command? Maxwell breathes life into those who serve in the middle, explaining how their influence is usually bigger than those at the top.

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