102 - Unleashed

Are you tired of a civilized religion that has the goal of keeping you safe as you serve God? Have you found yourself turned off by the lack of risk and hopelessness you have found in the church? Erwin suggests that it is time for a different way, a barbarian way. We need to unleash our faith and truly live.
Here’s some of the cool things about this book:

He takes this theme of barbarian/unleashed living throughout the whole book. It is one idea developed in many different ways. Not many books can do that - but I found myself really interested throughout the whole time.

McManus is seriously funny and I found myself laugh out loud a few times while reading.
He is a great storyteller, and writes how he speaks (because he transcribes to someone).

This is my second time reading this book. I had a much easier time reading it through - but the first time since it was re-released as Unleashed. There are only 4 chapters - so sometimes it can feel like the chapters are really long. This was a little hard for me. But, it’s a small book and if you put in the effort - it is going to be a really challenging book. It challenged me to want to unleash my faith and live fully the adventure God had called me to.

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