098 - Galileo

Mitch Stokes' book Galileo was interesting.  The book offered a unique look into the life of Galileo.  Stokes walks the reader through Galileo's life and highlights his faith along the way.  I'm actually fairly unlearned in the area of Galileo's Christianity.  I didn't realize he had an active and genuine faith, which to be honest make me suspect Stokes' book.  How can this be the first book to talk about Galileo's faith?  Why has it not been mentioned in any other places?  Perhaps Stokes is looking for something that isn't there, similar to those who look at the history of America and see a bunch of Evangelicals instead of the Deists that they were.  Perhaps Christian optimism has jaded the way Stokes sees things.  I'd be interested to find a Galileo scholar who disagreed with Stokes and see their reasoning as well.

I received this book from Thomas Nelson in exchange for an honest review.

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