068 - The Grace of God

I've read several books on grace.  What author hasn't written on grace, or at least had a chapter on the idea?  The Christian life is based in the idea of grace, so for better or worse, it gets mentioned a lot in Christian literature.  Andy Stanley recently released a book on the idea of grace, and I can say that his is simply put: another book on grace.  Don't get me wrong, I love Andy Stanley, but I believe that he didn't bring anything new to the table with this book.  However, if you've not read a book on grace, then this one would be an excellent one to cut your teeth on.  I highly respect Andy and have read enough of his books to know that he's an excellent writer and pastor, but this book seems to be just another in an already crowded area.

Also, I’m supposed to let you know that I was given a free review copy of the book, but that has nothing to do with whether or not I liked it.

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