070 - A Year with God

I don't think that I read the part of the summary where it described the devotional as a completely Old Testament Devotional. I was incredibly confused as to why there were no mentions of the New Testament (until I read back through the introduction and the author clearly states he only wanted to use the Old Testament). I love the concept of this book. Too many times, we neglect reading the Old Testament because we feel that it is unrelatable or has nothing to do with today's problems. Through this Devotional, the author makes it clear that the words the Lord spoke throughout the Old Testament resonate with Christians today.

The book itself is very attractive- the cover was well done and the devotional is well organized and labeled. I found this devotional to be great for both beginners and as a reminder for more experienced Christians. The set up of the book is a tradition devotional. The top of the page has the Day number (from 1-365). There is a passage from the Bible at the top of the page and a short 2-3 paragraph devotional at the bottom.

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