033 - Plan B

What happens when life doesn't go as expected? How do we react when things don't go as planned? Pete Wilson does an excellent job of tackling the tough issue of how we should react when things fall through. He cuts through the regular standard Christian answers and gives an honest answer about our reaction.

Throughout his book Pete offers example after example of individuals and families he knows which have gone through unspeakable pain in extremely tough circumstances. Pete offers his readers a guide through the process of accepting that life doesn't turn out the way we want it. Life always includes suffering. He offers insights and advice for those who are in the midst of a life-altering painful situation. He talks frank about community and the role it plays in suffering as well as challenging the reader to consider their heart when the deal with difficult circumstances. Rarely do I read a book in 2 days, but this one I absolutely consumed. It was incredible.

Oh yeah, and I have to tell you (for legal reasons) that Thomas Nelson gave me an advanced reader's copy, but that has nothing to do with how great I thought the book was.

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