034 - Searching for God Knows What (Expanded Edition)

I read Searching for God Knows What by Don Miller a while ago. It was a great read, however not the best of Don’s writings. The book covers the topics of self-help formulas, easy promises, and weak Christianity. Miller’s book is quite challenging to the normal view of Christianity that acts like it has all the answers and makes a 6 step process the end all. Miller writes with genuineness that most writers lack.

This revised edition didn’t seem to be very different at all. A new cover, with a new introduction and that’s about it. If you already own Seraching for God Knows What then don’t spend money on this copy for just a new introduction. It’s considered an “expanded” edition, but really lacks a great deal of new information. If you haven’t ever read any of Don Miller’s books then you should go out right now and buy one, seriously, he’s incredible.

I’m also supposed to tell you that I received a free reader’s copy from Thomas Nelson, but that getting a free book has nothing to do with what I thought of it. My opinions are my own.

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