096 - Doing Virtuous Business

What happens when a company takes advantage of thousands, steals their retirement, and then just closes?  Enron.  Movies are made and people react.  This book was a reaction to the terrible and despicable things that happened in Enron and the way they did business.  What should guide a company?  Should capitalism alone dictate the decisions of CEOs?  I hope not, because often capitalism points to making as much money as possible without regard to others or the environment.  Doing Virtuous Business does an excellent job of showing how someone can run a company and be a person of integrity.  Running a successful business doesn't require one to sell their soul.  Rather they can honor their beliefs and values as well as make a living.  I'd recommend this book to anyone involved in the business world.  It's a great read.

I'm supposed to let you know that Thomas Nelson provided me with a review copy in exchange for a fair and honest review.

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