116 - George Washington Carver

My Thoughts: I have read stories of Carver and heard of his contributions to agriculture especially his work with peanuts. Perry does a wonderful job of portraying Carver's life. However, it is Carver's story of overcoming that warmed my heart the most and served as inspiration. Carver was born into slavery. Lost his family while he was an infant but taken in by a White family and developed an appreciation and a thirst for learning. Carver's thirst continued well into adulthood and granted Carver could have been made a rich man, he chose not to pursue money, but instead he chose to serve.

I am sure Carver's life could fill volumes of books yet somehow Perry managed to provide the reader with an annotated autobiography highlighting some of Carver's accomplishments. Carver's love of service is one to be commended and serves as an excellent reminder that money isn't everything.

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