020 - Knowing God

Knowing God is a superb read. Well worth the time it takes to sit down and read it cover to cover. God has blessed J.I. Packer with a phenomenal insight into the Christian life, into Himself and into biblical truth. Though this is a 30ish year old book the ideas contained within are still paramount to today’s Christian. I found the only way I could read this book was to read it with a pen, to underline key lines and to write my thoughts in the margin so that I was able to keep reading without worrying about forgetting my thoughts. I would highly recommend this book to anybody, believer or not. For a believer it is an edifying and sanctifying experience. For a non-believer, by God’s grace, will it lead to belief. That being said read the book not because of Packer or because of me rather because it gives one a deep insight into ones heart.

Submitted by - Sam Morris

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