017 - Eragon Series

Christopher started writing the Eragon series when he was just fifteen years old. Now he is a New York Times best seller and into his early twenties. Don't let his young age fool you, though. His wisdom and insight into human emotions combine with his genius imagination for adventure and brilliant eloquence place him on a plane beside older, more experienced writers. I never thought myself to become enthralled in fantasy novels, but Paolini carries me, captivated over hundreds of pages of adventure.

Eragon, a simple farm boy begins his journey outside the walls of his hometown when a dragon egg hatches for him. He becomes a chosen dragon rider and the one true hope against the evil of a tyrant king. His social circle takes a dramatic change from blacksmiths, shop keepers, and farm animals to dwarves, elves, urgals, and magicians.

The amount of war and death in the story makes your stomach turn and provokes your mind to examine and question the reasons behind war. Though not condemning war, this series unmasks real life issues attatched to the souls of warriors. For a youthful, fantasy series it tackles many real life issues. I am amazed at how a youth like Paolini can have so much insight into life experiences. Eragon. Eldest. Brisinger. And now we await the fourth and final book of this amazing adventure.

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