022 - Blue Like Jazz

Blue Like Jazz is refreshing. Being Don’s first hit book, it is an appropriate introduction into the man. Through this collection of essays, you learn about the background from which Don came. You follow him through his journey as a child and young adult as he bestows his life lessons to his readers.

His thoughts are pure and real. They are so rich in content yet simple in presentation. What I like about this book is that it addresses and answers many questions on the minds of Christians and non Christians about God in a way any common person can understand.

Don is not prudent with holding any of his flaws and failures from his readers. Never before have I read a book by an author, where afterward I feel like I have just made a new friend. He is so intimate in sharing his life. This is extraordinary on its own, because one of his flaws he so willingly shares is his fear of intimacy. His words are brilliantly written and his life is a proof of God’s changing power.

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