016 - Religion Saves and Nine Other Misconceptions

Religion Saves... is a great book that covers a huge variety of topics that are "hot" issues in today's culture and society. The book explores the topics of birth control, abortion, sex, dating, humor, predestination, and more all from a Christian perspective. Mark Driscoll is an excellent writer and offers not only solid theology, but also great practicality for his readers. His book is full of humor and that really keeps the book moving. Rather than getting bogged down with the heavy theology the funny stuff keeps things running smoothly.

Driscoll's book is recommendable to anyone wondering about the various topics covered. His book is full of footnotes pushing the reader back to Scripture or to other great writers. He tackles issues few other pastors are willing to touch, but he does it all in a very loving and compassionate way. Great fresh insights into often over debated issues.

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