011 - Tortured For Christ

I have owned this book for several years, but have never gotten around to reading it. Now I have. And to be honest, I'm not sure what took me so long. This book was one that I couldn't put down, but at the same time was tough to read. The book is the story of the life of Richard Wurmbrand who was a pastor in Romania who was captured and tortured by the Communists. This book was written merely days after his release from the country. It is moving and powerful. The stories of Wurmbrand's life are miraculous and unexplainable. The way God uses him is something many of us only dream about. But throughout the entire book Wurmbrand gives God credit for everything that happens. He blames the Communist system for his imprisonment, not the Communists. In fact, he shows perhaps the best example of Christ's love for his enemies that I have ever heard or seen.

This book has left me wanting more. More stories. More of God moving in my life. More copies of the book to give out to anyone who will read it. I would recommend this book to Christians. Anyone who follows Christ and wants to read the story of a man who is passionately pursuing God. Incredible read.

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