012 - Forgotten God

I recently read through Chan's first book Crazy Love and thought it was so good I went and got his second book. This book is all about the Holy Spirit. Chan makes it clear from the beginning that he will not get too heavy into the theology of the Holy Spirit and more about what it means to have the Spirit working in our lives. I've read several books on the theology of the Holy Spirit and several books like this one about how to let the Spirit work in our lives.

First let me say that this book is very well written. There are several quotes and nuggets of insight throughout the book. Several of the illustrations were hastily underlined and I'm sitting waiting to use them myself. Chan writes in a very readable style and puts some of the heavier theology on the bottom shelf so anyone can grasp it and comprehend it...

However, there are a few fallbacks of this book. First of all reading this book doesn't guarantee the Holy Spirit will move in your life. Second, Chan pretty much recycles a lot of the information that other authors have already said. This book isn't groundbreaking by any means. Despite the offer of easy reading and good illustrations all the information in this book can be found elsewhere. So all in all I would recommend this book if you haven't read a book about the Holy Spirit recently, but if you're an expert or if you've read widely on the subject of the HS then you probably shouldn't bother with this book.

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