039 - A Guy's Guide to Life

Jason Boyett hit the nail on the head with this book. The book is specifically designed for teen guys and helping them through all the difficulties they deal with in adolescence. Jason tackles girls, parents, God, purity, and more in the book. The book also offers practical insights into how to shave, tie and necktie, and more on the practical side of growing up. His insights into the spiritual, emotional, and physical life of the teen guy are incredible. I would strongly recommend this book to any of my students or their parents to read through.

Jason writes in a humorous easy-going way that keeps you engrossed in the book. It reads more like a novel than a textbook. If you have a teen guy in your house or know one, you need to buy them this book.

Also, I’m supposed to let you know that I was given a free review copy of the book, but that has nothing to do with whether or not I liked it.

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