062 - Living Life in the Zone

I'm not a huge fan of specialized devotionals.  I actually hate anything that too pointed.  This book comes across a little too pointed.  A 40 day Bible study for men who enjoy sports.  While that is a large demographic, I wonder why they couldn't have just written a men's devotional or just a devotional?  I thought the writing was average and the content was pretty typical.  Nothing groundbreaking, nothing too oooh and aaah over.  The book is packaged nicely, but that doesn't make up for the average work.  I'd recommend this book if you've never read a devotional before, if you have then it's just more of the same.  You could buy this book for your husband who isn't interested in church, and try to see if he'd get interested in the Bible through a sports devotional, but I'm not positive it would work.

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