041 - The Jesus You Can't Ignore

I’m a huge fan of John MacArthur. I’ve read several of his books and love his commentaries, so obviously I was super excited to get a chance to review one of his upcoming books. The Jesus You Can’t Ignore was an excellent read that included a ton of great material. The book walks the reader through several of Jesus’ bold confrontations and the social implications from that time period. Pharisees and Difficult teachings are the real emphasis of the book. MacArthur offers insights into what the various passages imply to the original readers.

I would recommend this book to anyone seeking insights into some of the tougher passages of the New Testament. Any pastor or teacher should also check this book out because of the insights for their teaching.

Also, I’m supposed to let you know that I was given a free review copy of the book, but that has nothing to do with whether or not I liked it.

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